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You're reading my journal.

You do know this is Joe's journal, right?

30 March
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I don't look in the mirror
I don't like what I see staring back at me
Everything is clearer
I'll never see what you see
And I rot in my skin
As a piece of me dies everyday
I know I'm nothing
Because I'm ugly

Joe is the kinda of love that burns when you pee love

I was born so beautiful
But now I'm ugly

Color Bar(s) not made by me;

Ikea Is Swedish Furniture Love. ...damn our mayor, with all her slander

Happy Color Bars made by me;

umm we like amy even though shes special

The Republican Foundation for a Better Tomorrow is Love

Jonathan is KISS loving love

Peter Criss is Pussy Cat love

DJ Kilmore is Lazy Eye Love

80's Tommy Lee is Big Penis Love

Tele's are love

Tom Selleck's hairy chest is love.

Cute litttle foxes are love

Igningnockt and Err are moon love.

umm.. dont know what to say for this one... um, not jerking off is love?

2+2=5, ac/dc, air, alice in chains, american psycho, aqua teen hunger force, audioslave, b.b. king, babs, bass, beavis and butthead, beck, bjork, blues traveler, boy meets world, breakfast club, c.c.r., captain beefheart, cody chesnutt, coldplay, color bars, curb your enthusiasm, dave matthews band, david bowie, dead tree edition, deep purple, derek jeter, dio, dirk lance, dream theater, dynamite hack, e.l.o., eric clapton, ernest ranglin, family guy, fatboy slim, ferris bueller, foo fighters, fountains of wayne, full house, gay trucker porn, genesis, george bush, good movies, good music, good spelling, guitar, iggy pop, incubus, jane's addiction, janes addiction, jazz, jerry garcia, jesus, jim morrison, jimmy chamberlin, john coltrane, john lennon, john ritter, johnny greenwood, judd nelson, junior senior, justin timberlake, kevin smith, kiss, lars ulrich, leonardo dicaprio, lionel ritchie, liquid tension experiment, liv tyler, love, lynyrd skynard, mallrats, marcus miller, marilyn manson, mercury rev, metallica!!, micheal jackson, mike einziger, moby, molly ringwold, music, mystery, nascence, neutral milk hotel, nick drake, nine inch nails, nirvana, o.a.r., outkast, oysterhead, p-funk all stars, pauly shore, pearl jam, phantom planet, phil collins, phish, pink floyd, primus, prince, queen, r.e.m., radiohead, rainman, ray charles, red hot chili peppers, ringo, rock, ronnie earl, saved by the bell, school of rock, scott weiland, smashing pumpkins, south park, starlight mints, stp, super grass, system of a down, tenacious d, the allman brothers band, the beatles, the cure, the darkness, the doors, the flaming lips, the go, the grateful dead, the kinks, the man, the pixies, the rolling stones, the roots, the sugar cubes, the velvet underground, the white stripes, the who, they might be giants, thom yorke, tool, trans-siberian orchestra, trey anastasio, u2, van morrison, velvet revolver, weezer, what about bob, white stripes, winona ryder, wonder years, xtc